​My Experience with a Bus conductor.

It was a sunny Monday morning as I journey to work in a public bus from home. In a place like Lagos, it's always uneasy when you seat in a danfo (Public bus), not only from the noise and irritating smoke, or unfriendly look of the conductors whenever they are asking for money. I was... Continue Reading →


Don’t Relate without Connecting.

This week I will not be proud not to ask for help from those capable. I will not overlook and underrate people thinking they have nothing to offer me. I will not be foolish not to realize wisdom lies in Uncommon and unpopular lips I won't let my EGO Edge God Out of my case... Continue Reading →


“Life is a function of ADDITIONS. If you can't add more, then you can't have more”. “If you're too BIG to begin SMALL, then you are too small to end up big”.“Whatever you have decided to do will first cost you before it pays you”. “A Business place is not a Welfare center where you... Continue Reading →


​It is so dangerous to know that we have overhyped ourselves to the point of intimidating our helpers.  #ConcernedCaution #Hardlessons


​"DESTINY is per head per head, yes sure; But you need another man's head to make your head a better one." #Concernedcaution  #Networking


​The man you DESPISE today might be the one that will add SPICES to your Destiny.  There is a CONTENT in every of your CONTACT; don't just LOOK, SEE what is within. #Concernedcaution 

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